My way, your way

Introduction Piece:

In a world that’s much too obsessed with the idea of ‘fitting in’, I’ve discovered that sometimes it’s best to be different. I have always had an extreme passion for classic rock music but I have always felt the strain of people judging and hating on my preferred taste. I always hear comments such as “Why do you listen to that screamo sh*t?” and I can’t help but laugh to myself as the music I listen to is no other than people like Led Zeppelin, Guns N’ Roses, Pink Floyd etc. Today’s society has began to tie the idea that your music taste corresponds with how ‘trendy’ you are, for example; If I were to listen to Drake and wear expensive shoes and cool streetwear outfits then I may just be regarded as ‘in with today’s trends’. However, because I seem to be trapped in the 80’s listening to hair-metal rock bands such as Motley Crue, Poison, GN’R and wearing a lot of black with Doc Marten boots and the occasional bandana then a lot of todays subcultures look down to mine.

That’s the thing about being in a subculture, if it is now regarded as a ‘thing of the past’ then it’s more likely that people will make their comments to dismay your feelings towards your passion. I think that in this world full of narcissism and self-indulgence it’s so important that you stay grounded and remember who you really are. I always had an interest in rock music but I often found myself conforming to the ways of the other people in my generation who listened to the modern artists and pop bands just because I wanted to be accepted. However, I eventually broke out of my shell and began to be who I wanted to be. I met people who liked the same things as me and people who were willing to accept that its ok to not follow the ways of modern society and this helped me to grow my passion.

I’m not saying that every person hates on my preferred music taste because a minority are also feeling the same as me. If you want to cover your room with posters of rock stars then do it. If you want to cover your room with posters of modern artists then that’s ok too. I just feel I need to take one for the team and stand up for all those metal heads out there who sometimes feel victimised from certain people’s opinions. At the end of the day, we all breathe the same air and sleep under the same stars but some of us sleep whilst thinking about Jimi Hendrix whilst others think about One Direction. Either way, you have to pursue your passion, no matter what.

I am interested in pursuing my passion based on rock music and my first step is by creating this blog. I’m hoping to make some really cool posts and build up my writing experience so please message me with any ideas for posts or anything that you are interested in reading about and I’ll try my best for you.

Many Thanks,




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