“When you’re takin’ to yourself and nobody’s home”

The track ‘Estranged’ by Guns N’ Roses off of their Use Your Illusion II album has a lot of meaning to me. The 9 minute song fills me with personal liberation and helps me to escape from anything that’s negative. All I have to do is plug in my earphones and turn it up to full volume. The music combines so much powerful energy with strong and meaningful lyrics which vary in tempo and pitch. The catchy tune and varied moments in the  create the sense of excitement as you wait for the next part. One of my favourite moments is the build up to/and Slash’s legendary guitar solos which contain the happy piano riff produced by Dizzy Reed and the sound of ‘Dolphins’ that contrast greatly with the heavy and upbeat solo. 

The song is about having unrequited love and discovering what the hell to do with it. Sometimes we can find ourselves falling in love with people we never expected was possible and the song Estranged gives me the sense of being able to overcome said problem. Axl Rose sings “Old at heart but I’m only 28 and I’m much too young to let love break my heart” which highlights the experience which he was going through at the time. I can apply this to myself because if being 28 is too young to let love break his heart then being 16/17 is way younger and it makes sense to stay strong by not letting anything destroy who I am today.  

The music video is very visual and has a lot of hidden meanings. The video features Axl denying any form of help after he jumps into the rough sea, this can be corresponded with the concept of love consuming and essentially drowning us when we are not expecting it. The idea of Axl denying help from his friends may be because he feels trapped in this distorted place but he kind of likes it and decides to let it eat away at him even more as some people do in relationships. During this intense piece of film, Axl is suddenly surrounded with harmless Dolphins which he holds on to while they save him. This shows that sometimes we are willing to find peace in things such as nature and eventually we reconnect with who we used to be. After this calming piece of music it’s time for Slash to shred and shoot up out of the sea whilst playing, of course, this is my favourite part as the visuals are insane and the solo is breath taking.

The song overall displays the pure talent and creativity of the band and just a fraction of their ability to inspire people through music. If you are intrigued by the sounds of the video then here is the link for Vevo:


Thank you for taking the time to read, please leave any feedback and follow for more rock n roll posts to come- up next is Jimi Hendrix!





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