Steven Popcorn Adler

I told you that you’d be a rock n roll genius after reading some of my posts, so here’s another-

In a world that he did not create but his creativity influenced millions, Steven (Popcorn) Adler ( born as Michael Coletti on January 22nd 1965) was responsible for the drumming in the roots of Guns N’ Roses’ career until 5 years later when he was forced to leave due to extreme substance abuse. Adler first joined GN’R in 1985 with his good friend Saul Hudson (Slash). Later on in July 21, 1987, Appetite For Destruction was released by Geffen Records to massive commercial success. It topped the Billboard 200 and became the best-selling debut album as well as the 11th best-selling album in the United States. With about 30 million copies sold worldwide, it is also one of the best-selling records ever. Steven Adler’s intense and incredibly talented drumming was featured on all 12 tracks.

This was possibly the most immense album release as it’s changed history forever. Just as we thought drumming was fading away, Adler brought his style into the 80’s and it’s stuck around ever since. The 80’s were a time for hair-metal bands down on the Sunset strip in Los Angeles, earning their fame by gigging in ‘The Rainbow Bar & Grill’ or ‘The Whiskey.’ This is exactly where Adler found himself with his new band mates. ‘Appetite’ became huge after it’s release and during the Ritz 1988 concert ( one of the GN’R ‘Appetite for Destruction’ Tour venues) was when lead vocalist W. Axl Rose fist referred to him as ‘Mr Steven Popcorn Adler’ (we assume because of the way his hair bounced up and down when he played the drums.) and this nickname has stuck with him ever since.

I was mainly excited to do this blog post as last night Steven and his mother Deanna were doing a live AMA on Reddit. Of course I sent in a question, not expecting a reply because I knew so many people would join in too. I created my simple question and sent it in only to find a few minutes later my phone showed up with a notification to say that the man himself had answered and acknowledged me. I am still so shocked and happy from it because at least one member of Guns N’ Roses has interacted with me, yes!  The reason for the Reddit event was to promote and celebrate the fact that his Mother has written and released a book called ‘Sweet Child Of Mine’ which features her story on how she ‘lost her son to Guns N’ Roses.’ The book contains the sad but true story of how Steven became trapped in a circling drug addiction which meant he was forced to leave the band and clean up. Luckily,with his mothers help he got through it eventually and is still here today!

If you are eager to learn more then you can order the book from Amazon now.

Hope you enjoyed my short section about Steven Adler.


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