Emo Emotional

From the burning pit of my stomach to the festering black shadow that clings to my mind, I am becoming more content with the label of ’emo’ in which people place upon me. Although it’s not true, it’s not such a bad thing. The music I listen to is practically all from the 1980’s hairmetal phase in which rock developed its sense of style and began a new generation of heavy and meaningful music. Emo music is mostly more modern bands such as Pierce the Veil, Bullet for my valentine or Panic! And the disco. I personally would not choose this type of music over 80’s rock but I don’t mind it. However, the term ‘Emo’ can be used to infer that someone is very emotional and that term correctly suits me as I would class myself as a very emotional person and that’s not always a bad thing as it means you can provide many people with empathy and help when they need it the most. The way that I dress and the way that I do things is purely from me taking pieces of iconic style from my favourite rock stars and incorporating it into my own personality and fashion choices- again- I am labelled as an Emo because I wear a lot of black, but that’s not the case. I enjoy wearing black because I feel comfortable and it suits me more than a bright pink top. Black is a poetic colour and while most of you think it’s ‘tragic’ or what should be worn to represent a death, I just think it’s looks cool as hell. Conclusively, it’s me and that’s who I’ll always be- I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by great friends who share this with me and love me no matter what.



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