All in a Karma’s Work.

Have you ever experienced someone treating you with disrespect? Or feel like someone is constantly out to get you?

I, myself am not a strong religious folllower. I don’t attend church regularly and I’m not sure where my beliefs lie when it comes to the concept of ‘God’. However, I know that there is something out there which has a magnetic force that helps to keep us surrounded by positivity and equality. I am a strong believer in ‘Karma’ and although this is sometimes deemed to have negative connotations, It’s one of the things which helps to restore my faith in the naturalness of life.

I believe that ‘what goes around, comes around ‘ and that ‘ you reap what you sow’. These are sayings which I grew up learning from my mum and I’m so thankful that I was enlightened with this mindset. I slowly discovered that whatever I did and the way that I treated people always resulted in a consequence; positive or negative. I also discovered that when someone was disrespectful towards me, they would end up with some form of karma ranging from being covered in water to getting a broken nose. Of course, It was never me in charge of this, but whatever determined it definitely matched the wrong-doing that they had done to me.

Sometimes it may take years and a great build up to activate the karma or sometimes it can occur in a matter of seconds. If you are experiencing some negativity from another at the moment, then keep your head held high and evaluate the way that you are behaving in this situation in order to ensure that you are being the best you can. Keep your eyes and mind open to the why this person has a jaundiced viewpoint towards you and what you can do differently to ensure that the echo you send out does not return as one of suffering but one of reward.

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.

You create your own fate.


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