Teenage Angst has Paid off Well. 

I swear. Being a teenager entitles you to  a constant supply of angst and an unlimited amount of bad decisions to potentially make. I think that some of us choose to deal with our angst through a boozy self medication and through the comfort of our favourite music. Nothing beats drinking yourself senseless whilst blasting rock music until you can’t feel a thing. But also, it’s a time for growth and a time for finding who we are. We will encounter plenty of pain, love and tests-some of which determine our future. We feel destined to stand out yet most of us fall into the bottomless pit of conformity from the pressure that those who are around us inflict. We have decisions to make, we have pressure to do well and pressure to be in relationships etc. It’s difficult to judge what is right and wrong, it’s hard to justify some of our bad decisions to our parents as most of them are impulsive. From my experience, practically all of my mistakes have been a result of the impulsive urge that sits inside me and probably many others. What I do know is that  your teenage years get compacted together to form a learning curve which helps you blossom into adulthood, hopefully without as much angst. No matter how bad you are feeling, remember that the things you do now will determine the way you live the rest of your life- be the person who you want to be forever and never lose who you are. 


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