Love Yourself.

It’s hard to explain what love feels like. It seems to start off as a slow process but suddenly, it happens all at once. From my own experience, the feeling of love towards someone is like a constant fixture of happiness which never seems to fade. It could be the worst day ever but things will still be alright because you know that someone has always got your back. Love should be a healthy supplement of positivity, bonding and strength between you and someone else. Falling in love contains the reinforcement that we are all on this planet to do just that. At the end of the day, we are here to make love and continue the human race. We are here to find our soulmate and gain our own sense of feelings through good and bad experiences. Sometimes we have our heart and mind set on one person but ultimately get left feeling disappointed or with the fear of opening our hearts again. It’s difficult because you cannot help who you fall in love with or who falls in love with you.

It’s sad when the love fades away and you can see that you may have to train yourself to barricade these feelings from appearing in order to lessen the heartbreak. You wake up each day with a pain in your chest and an emptiness in your stomach. You wake up with tears in your eyes and the sudden realisation that nothing lasts forever. You prefer being asleep because you cannot feel, you cannot feel the dragging ache that embraces your heart and mind and you are free from the fear of having to let go. The moment when you wake up and you don’t feel so bad, until you remember. You remember all the times of laughter and the times of arguments, you hear them in your mind and then the pain greets you. You try to assert yourself and paint a smile on your face, everything will be ok? Each day drags on, each hour seems to last a lifetime as you slowly lose grip of all your feelings.

Weeks pass, you still feel no good but you start to heal. You find ways to deal with the pain and slowly you start feeling like yourself again. It’s hard because everything reminds you of them, everything. But eventually, I promise, you will forget. You will forget what your love for them was like and you will remember how to love yourself. See, that’s the most important thing. You may be wondering if they are thinking of you, if you ever cross their mind and if they ever begin to write a text message but delete it straight away. But while this is happening, take time to love yourself, please. Remember why they loved you, why your friends love you. Allow yourself to remember your good qualities and let them break through the pain and shine out into the world, don’t hold back from loving who you are in order to love again. Don’t lose yourself for someone else.


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