Coma White

I’m back. After taking a long break I’ve re-discovered that my everlasting passion will always remain with music. I recently saw Marilyn Manson live in London and his music has been my motive to follow my dreams.



One of my favourite power songs from Marilyn Manson’s 1998 Mechanical Animals has to be ‘Coma White’. The song brings into the light an interpretation of crippling heartache through a lover who is naive and obnoxious. Manson uses intense lyrics to display an array of emotions towards said woman. He speaks of this woman as if she has everything but will never be happy enough. ‘ There’s something cold and blank behind her smile’, maybe she is just never content.

‘ She’s standing on an overpass, in her mirical mile’ highlights that this person could be traveling smoothly if she followed the road but instead she is standing in the center of where it crosses over; she is in the way of herself and subsequently in the way of Manson.

Marilyn Manson Coherenlty argues that his lover has everything she could want with the phrase ‘ you were from a perfect world’ but he contrasts this with ‘ a world that threw me away’ to imply his feelings of rejection.  I think that Manson is using this song to display a sense of frustration towards someone who he could give the world.  She’s her own worst enemy in the sentence ‘ But all the drugs in this world, wont save her from herself’.  The use of drugs can either be to cure an illness or for recreational uses, Manson implies that  his lover could take all the drugs in the world and she would still somehow end up with a jaded situation. The song is overall negative but I personally think that the rage in Mansons voice sprinkled with passion creates the sense of empathy that everyone wants to feel when it comes to experiencing heartbreak.




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