Steven Popcorn Adler

I told you that you’d be a rock n roll genius after reading some of my posts, so here’s another- In a world that he did not create but his creativity influenced millions, Steven (Popcorn) Adler ( born as Michael Coletti on January 22nd 1965) was responsible for the drumming in the roots of Guns N’ Roses’ […]

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Layne In Chains

“Eye’s burn with the stingin’ sweat, the bullet screams to me from nowhere” Ah! Lane Stayley. Another influential idol of mine. Born August 22nd 1967 began leaving his mark as an American musician who provided his incredible voice and insane lyrical talents for the band ‘Alice in Chains’. The rock band was established with guitarist … More Layne In Chains

Love Yourself.

It’s hard to explain what love feels like. It seems to start off as a slow process but suddenly, it happens all at once. From my own experience, the feeling of love towards someone is like a constant fixture of happiness which never seems to fade. It could be the worst day ever but things … More Love Yourself.

Emo Emotional

From the burning pit of my stomach to the festering black shadow that clings to my mind, I am becoming more content with the label of ’emo’ in which people place upon me. Although it’s not true, it’s not such a bad thing. The music I listen to is practically all from the 1980’s hairmetal … More Emo Emotional